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28 February
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TonX is a 19 year old Guitar player/singer who loves hardcore music and video games not to mention the love of his life Kaytie. He makes journals on his spare time. He is also taking a course in web design. He has many peircings and a tattoo but plans to get more. He promotes many movies and bands. He is a vegetarian straight edge.
Strengths: His girlfriend Kaytie. TonX A romancer. He loves to be cute. He can scream, sing, and play guitar well. Pain is fun to him. Leader of the poop resistance; VIVA AL LA POOP
Weaknesses: Addicted to gum. Heartbroken easily. "The curse".
Special Skills: Photo editing, photography, voice, guitar, high pain tolerance. He can fly when no ones looking.
Weapons: KATANAS! Guitawar Of Power. Maracas Of Death. The Clock Mosh
The stuff dreams are made of: Hardcore, fiona apple (her music), THE ROCKNESS aka Kaytie ;), music, candy, guitars, sex, the poop resitance, S&M, blood, vampires.

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Hey im tonx, And welcome to the institution im trapped in i like to call, my brain.

About me:Im 18, i used play guitar in a hardcore band called Crimes Of Passion but out drummer quit. Im currently lookin to start a new one but im going to sing/scream. Im into mainly hardcore bands but i listen to just about everything. Some bands i like would be in my intrests. I LOVE good movies such as: reqiuem for a dream, american beauty, Donnie darko, Fightclub. um i have a "vertical labret", a "medusa", a septum peircing, and a tounge peircing. and i have 1 tatoo on my right upper arm.(NOTE: the peircing pics are not me. just what i have)
For pictures of me. click the link that set as my webpage.

.X. .Hard. .X. .Core. .X.
.Live it. .Love it.

Work ive done

I dont work for money.
but i do accept donations via paypal

If you'd like to donate money
click the paypal donate button

childofthakorn and old one --> PTW
twiztidkittn684's -old one --> the pain
hipzlipztitzgun's old one --> The distillers and fashioncore
dj user= aglobalthreat13and old one --> DD
dj user= aspassionsdk and old one --> TonX & Jess
dj user= blooddoll8669
dj user= hatredovercomes
dj user= kurtcisgod69's old one ---> PTW
dj user= endlesstears's old one --> Dave mathews.(Note: some may be in high resolution to veiw correct depending on the web browser. Over 1028x786 )

and numerous Icons and photo edits, and banners.

Im Taking a course in web design as well.

I have graphical art skills.
But all i have to show for it is my work.


V1. Trustkill Records
V2. Requem for a dream
V3. Freddy vs Jason
V4. Suicide
V5. Final Fantasy 7
V6. Vanity
V7. Donnie Darko
V8. Draw a pretty picture
V9. The Movies We Love
V10. War

Best veiwed in 1024 x 768

For Layouts, backgrounds, photo edits, icons banners or anything of the sort.
AIM me at: TheGreatTonX
or Email me at: TonX@adelphia.net